Young Living Essential Oils

I totally feel I have been called to spread the word about the magical healing powers of essential oils.
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My life mantra includes a commitment to holistic living. With this commitment in place I want to spread the word about the powers of holistic healing. I firmly believe essential oils (and lots of self-love) are integral parts of healing.
As some of you know I have been blogging about the benefits of essential oils for years. Essential oils are a huge part of my family life. In fact, I always say that my oils are my favorite material possession.
I had used oils back in my 20’s, oils like lavender in the bath, tea tree on toe infections, patchouli for perfume etc.  But it wasn’t until I learned about Thieves oil that my obsession really began!  Some of you may remember I was blogging about Thieves oil many years ago.
This is how I first became introduced to Young Living.  I have chosen to work with them for a few reasons! The oil quality is the absolute best. Their oils are sourced from farms all over the world using only the highest quality distilling processes. With things like FDA and Non-GMO certifications you know these oils are the best.
If you are interested in essential oils the best way to get started is to order a starter kit.  I recommend the Premium Starter Kit with the Dessert Mist diffuser. It comes with the most popular oils.
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