Put an END to Homework!

Last week a teacher’s letter to her students went viral. In the letter, the teacher tells the kids there will be no homework in the coming year. That letter rekindled my passion for this very important initiative! I shared the letter on my Facebook page and my post created a flurry of activity. Incredibly predictable, as most parents agreed with the abolition of homework.

Studies show time and time again homework is counterproductive. Happy, inspired kids accomplish more than stressed out kids. Our kids are spending close to eight hours a day inside academic institutions (mostly on computer screens). Gym and art classes have been cut to nothing. With all this homework, when are our kids going to be encouraged to be creative and active? Especially when their entire evening is spent doing needless busy work? After school they need to be outside playing and loving life.

With the start of school approaching, I was inspired to write my own letter to my children’s teachers. I received so many direct messages asking for a copy of my letter, that I decided to share it here. Please feel free to cut and paste and give to your teachers! If we all take a stand on this issue, children can get take back their childhoods!

August 31, 2016

Attention: Teachers of xxxxxxx xxxxx

I would like to request that my daughter not participate in homework this year. If she can’t get the work done in the seven hours she is at school, it will not be done. To promote happy, stress-free evenings in our home, our family priorities include: quality family time, extracurricular activities my kids are passionate about and early bed times.

If you have questions and/or comments please feel free to email me at sandy@peacefuldaily.com.


Sandy Corso

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