7 Reasons Bald Head Island is one of the Most Peaceful Places on the Planet

There is a quietness, a calm of sorts that covers Bald Head Island, North Carolina.  Upon arrival you can feel it immediately. The calm begins with a stunning ferry ride to your island destination.

1 – There are no cars which contributes to the serenity of this magical island.  There are only golf carts.  The carts are super-quiet and get you to all your destinations without the noisy sounds of busy, touristy locations. The island is only about 5 miles long so carts get you where you need to go.

2 – Wildlife is everywhere.  The island is covered with a large forest coupled with stunning white sand beaches so you get exposure to all kinds of wildlife from alligators to deer, foxes to hatching sea turtles.
3 – Everyone is so friendly.  Southern hospitality in full force is what you will experience on the island.  Everyone relaxes when delivered to this paradise.

4- Beaches are stunning.  The salt water mist filled waves are one of North Carolina’s treasures.  You can walk for miles on the beaches and not see a single soul or you can opt to hang at some of the more popular beaches.  Even the beaches that are a little more crowded still have the peaceful vibe.

5- A peaceful energy covers the island.  It is hard to describe but the quietness combined with the sounds of nature make for a mystical calming energy. Once you visit you will know it. There is even a quaint and peaceful Chapel on the island.

6-There are no strip malls and few crowds! Well you might find a small crowd at a turtle hatching but that is about it. There are some great shops, art galleries and restaurants but they add to the charming, inviting feel of the island. There is a small gourmet grocery store nestled deep in the forest for all your grocery needs.

7-Unlike most islands there is an amazing magical forest covering the island. Inside the forest there are miles and miles of beautiful hiking trails. Most beach towns and even islands don’t have an amazing forest like Bald Head.

I can honestly claim it is in my opinion, “it is probably the single most beautiful place on earth.” It is an island for everyone wanting a quintessential island get-away, from amazing beaches to golf, tennis, wildlife, pools, quaint shops and restaurants.  Bald Head Island has it all.

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