Moon Garden

I am starting my garden this weekend. It has been cold in the northeast. My organic farmer friend had suggested I wait until nights are above 50 degrees. I think we are finally in the clear. Some good moon planting info below:

Many gardeners swear by the idea of planting by the phase of the moon. The first quarter is when they plant crops which bloom above ground — spinach and lettuce, cucumbers and corn, to name a few. The second quarter, leading up to the full moon, is the time to plant above-ground seed crops like beans, watermelons, squash and tomatoes. During the third quarter, the week following the full moon, root vegetables like carrots and potatoes should go in, as well as bulb flowers. Finally, the last quarter of the waning moon is the time to avoid planting altogether — instead,
work on garden maintenance such as tilling and weeding.

FYI today is a First Quarter Moon. Click here to check daily.

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