Be the Spring Today

It’s easy to see how the seasons are in balance. I think about this as I watch changes at the river at the bottom of our hill. In winter, the river can be seen through naked branches. Then, new spring foliage blocks our view of the river until leaves fall in autumn to reveal river again. River or leaves: one comes and the other goes. I can see the river in the leaves, and the leaves in the river. They need one another. We are in a moment of transition as we watch the cycle renew. The anticipation is beautiful.

The weather is transitioning too, between light snow and seam-less
blue days. Plants are rousing from their winter slumber, yet all
the year’s flowers are still ahead of us. My husband says this is
the best time of year. It is the time of “the almost”, the time
of knowing that good things are coming. We can use our imaginations
to visualize the beauty and light that is just beyond reach. I see
the flowers blooming in my mind every day.

Be the spring season today. Be March. Embrace the moment before,
the anticipation, knowing all the good that is about to come. Let
the anticipation of renewal bloom in your mind.


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