Gerson Core Juice

Below is one of the “core” juice recipes from the famous Gerson Institute! It may be tough to tolerate this juice, but it is incredibly powerful! It is extremely rich in iron and other minerals, and very high in chlorophyll. It is a substance similar to human hemoglobin, and is the richest source of oxidizing enzymes in the Gerson protocol.

Core Green Juice (all organic)

1-2 leaves
Lettuce 3-4 leaves
Swiss (Green) Chard 1-3 leaves, depending on size
Red Chard same as above
Endive 1-2 leaves
Red Leaf Lettuce 3-4 leaves
Green Leaf Lettuce 3-4 leaves
Red Cabbage 2-3 leaves
Romaine 2-3 leaves
Beet Tops (young inner leaves) 2-3 leaves
Green Pepper 1/2 medium sized
Watercress 1-2 sprigs
One medium green apple

Juice the above in a good quality juicer!

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