Does This Serve My Soul?

After feeling a bit uninspired five weeks into this new year, I found a question that has helped me find my way back to the core of my heart and soul. That question is simply, “Does this serve my soul?”

After a boatload of New Year’s resolutions, I found myself spiraling back again to old habits: eating garbage, not going to yoga; and pushing things that didn’t serve me.

When I started asking myself this simple question about serving my soul, things began to turn around.

Try it for yourself. Ask yourself, “Does this serve my soul?” Ask it at every turn, for every decision you make throughout the day. Even when pondering something as insignificant as what creamer to use in your coffee, ask yourself, “Does this serve my soul?”

When I initially asked myself the question, I tried to come up with a list of things that truly do serve my soul. My list was specific; pretty long: and really did help me prioritize my passions.

Here is the short version of my own list:

fruits and veggies
Peaceful Daily
and kindness!

I have even found that asking the question, Does this serve my soul? has helped me identify my purpose and life mantra.

• Give it a try ask yourself at every turn, “Does this serve my soul?” and watch what blooms!

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