Love Bombing

Can’t wait to see the amount of emails I am going to get today about this tip…

I am always reading the Peaceful Parenting stuff because I really believe LOVE is the answer to most of our problems. I have a 6 and an 8 year old. I recently came across this article on Love Bombing. I think it can and probably should apply to adults as well as children.

It works like this…if you have a kid who is acting out or even being aggressive, instead of punishing him or giving him a time out engulf him with love and give him all the control. Plan a Love Bomb day. Love Bomb time entails doing anything the kid wants to do (as long as it is safe of course) but yes that even includes watching back to back episodes of Sponge Bob. Basically they get to choose whatever they want to do. They are in control But with that control they are also smothered in LOVE>

How does could this apply to adults? In my opinion we are all just kids in big bodies. But let’s say you husband is being grumpy and angry why not give HIM a Love Bomb day?

Peace, Love & Happiness,


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