I Talked to My Mom Today… From Heaven

My mom died in a tragic car accident when I was just 18. For years now, I’ve longed to connect with her on a spiritual level. Today was finally the day when I would get my chance to do just that. John Holland, world-renowned psychic medium and I spent an hour on the phone. Or should I say “my mom and I spent an hour on the phone and John helped make that happen?”

Although, I’m not super-skeptical, I did have some minor nagging questions about believability before today. I’ve always believed in the power we all have to connect with spirit beings or, at least, the possibility of that, but the evidence and information that I gained today made me 100 percent a believer! I believe we are all psychic and have the ability to connect on a spiritual level. Some have an extra special gift and have perfected this ability while others have glimpses of synchronicity and psychic ability. Either way, I am convinced my mother was on today’s call.

I sat down a few minutes prior to the phone call on a coach in our den surrounded by our family pets. I took a few breaths and waited. My heart was pounding as I waited, and I tried to calm myself with breath work I could only do to the best of my distracted, and somewhat anxious, ability. The phone rang, and John introduced himself. I immediately felt a sense of calm and connection.

It took a few moments before John connected to my grandmother and then to my mother. He immediately described my mom to a T. Her personality; her sense of humor. It was as if she was there.

Over the course of an hour, my mom told me many things through John. She told me she was present during many of my life events long after she had died in that crash. I got chills and tears ran silently down my face. My mom spoke of California and how she knew I lived there for many years, and also in Florida and that I had gone to three colleges. She knew of our family dog passing a few years ago and even said Tina (that very dog) was there with her now. She spoke of our two children: a boy and a girl; along with our other dog. She reminded John not to forget our cat. She had always loved cats. She reminded me how she used to wash my hair in the kitchen sink. She said she preferred my hair to be blond. My mom was a blond for life! She went on and on about my sister and me, both. She knew my daughter’s ears had been pierced and she told me she was there to watch it when it happened. She told me how my daughter loved art and to dance. She spoke of my son’s love of sports and my husband’s guitar in the corner of the room!

Throughout the connection, tears ran down my face as I rose from the depths of sadness to joy to gratitude and, ultimately, to a final sense of peace. I now feel stronger than ever that she is here with me, like John said, as an angel. The angel she always was, watching over me, keeping me safe!

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