My 13 Healing Habits

Ever since telling about my road to healing I have been inundated with emails from people wanting to heal themselves and wanting to know what I recommend. So I put together the following list. These are all things that I believe assisted in my own personal healing and transformation. The list is in no particular order. Here’s to your health and healing! If you would like to read the entire article click here!

1. Get your vitamin D levels checked.

2. Stop telling a story of sickness.

3. Dry Brush.

4. Have your vitamin B levels checked.

5. Get a juicer and start drinking green drinks.

6. Get rid of meat and dairy.

7. Join groups and find enlightened friends online.

8. Incorporate more raw fruits and vegetables into your diet.

9. Get rid of toxic chemicals everywhere (household cleaners, harsh body products, etc.).

10. Go barefoot as much as possible.

11. Read books and watch documentaries about healing.

12. Surround yourself with people who support your journey.

13. Move and sweat.

Peace, Love & Happiness,


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