Morning Intentions: A Powerful Daily Practice

For close to a year I have been doing something extremely powerful. I do a morning
intention each and every day!

What is a morning intention?

A morning intention is the practice of stating or visualizing your intentions for the day. This is done the moment you get up in the morning! The second your eyes open. It is a powerful time to visualize!

As soon as my eyes open I start to visualize how my day will go…

I see myself eating beautiful colorful fruits and veggies. I see myself in yoga class stretching like I have never stretched before. I see my family laughing and being happy. I see myself completing household chores with a smile. I see myself joyful that I am getting things done. I see myself spreading joy and kindness throughout my day. I see myself expressing gratitude for the gifts life gives me each day!

You express what you want to show up in your day! I can’t begin to tell you how my life has transformed since I began this simple and virtually effortless daily habit.

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