13 Gifts for Kids You Can Feel Good About

Shopping for children during the holidays can be a challenge, especially if you are looking for gifts that cultivate learning and creativity. I know that with my own kids it is a constant struggle to find the perfect gifts.

Below are some gift ideas that will be popular among the kids but also be popular with you and probably not end up in the Goodwill bin.

I-Wood – This pretend laptop is made from recycled wood. It looks like a laptop but has a great big chalk board and chalk in the tray!

Sprout Watches – These eco-friendly watches will be a hit with both boys and girls. They come in bright colors and cool designs. They are made from materials like corn resin, organic cotton and bamboo. They even come with mercury-free batteries.

Guitar String Bracelets – My kids love these. They are made from recycled guitar strings! I sense a trend happening.

Pure Poppet Natural Make Up – I cringe when my daughter plays dress-up with regular makeup. I can feel good about her playing with this makeup. It contains none of the bad ingredients that other products contain.

Bogs Kids Boots (vegan) – These boots are durable, comfortable, stylish and VEGAN. Bogs is a really cool company! Love all their products.

Green Toys Submarine – I am always on the lookout for BPA-free bath toys, especially because our kids are in warm water with them. I love this submarine. It is of course BPA free, very durable and my son loves it.

Lego Friends – Anytime my kids are using their imaginations I am happy! Sitting down with a box of Legos is always a creative time. Now the girls are joining the boys with the Lego fascination.

I AM: Why Two Little Words Mean So Much by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Kristina Tracy – This book will help to create happiness, love and greatness in children. I love kids’ books that have a consciousness component. I wish I had learned these principles when I was young: thoughts become real, examine your dreams and happiness is a choice.

Yamaha Guitar – You can never go wrong when giving the gift of music! My brother-in-law is an amazing musician and has been teaching children how to play the guitar for years. This is his pick for best “learning” guitar.

Nintendo 3DS XL – When choosing a handheld video game, I think there are some great games to play on the Nintendo 3DS XL. Plus, the 3DS XL is pretty cool. Games like Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone! (an amazing one); Style Savvy: Trendsetters; and American Mensa Academy really do cultivate creativity, curiosity, and learning.

Yummy Ice Cream Mint Chocolate 100% Pure Gift Set – I love 100% Pure so I knew my kids would as well. They have some of the best smelling products on the market. Their products are only made with all natural, organic nutrients.

American Girl – American Girl dolls are a childhood tradition for sure. My daughter’s favorite is Julie. Julie is a ‘70s girl with hippie flair. Julie’s “far-out” ‘70s canopy bed with hanging beads is on my daughter’s Christmas list.

Young Artist Essentials Gift Set – Giving the gift of art is always another good choice. This kit contains 64 drawing components, most of which are eco-friendly.

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