Tantric Love

A healthy love life is just as important as eating healthy and exercising! Did you know there is a study saying sexual energy is the most powerful energy on the planet!

I recently found two great articles on the subject of Tantra over at Mind Body Green. Below are some exerts.

The ascent to orgasm releases dopamine: the cocaine high. This motivates you to achieve in the world and induces feelings of strength and confidence. We are flooded with oxytocin at orgasm, which helps you to feel more sociable and strengthens not only your bond with your partner, but opens you to forging deeper relationships with the other people in your life. Plus, oxytocin reduces cortisol, the major stress hormone.

Moving and channeling sexual energy enables you to clear blockages where your energy has been stagnant, possibly causing dysfunction and disease. Once you’ve cleared those, you have that energy available to revitalize organs, meridians and your brain.

Here are the links…

Sex: Your Power Source

Tantra: Where Modern Love Meets Ancient Love

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