My First Raw Potluck

I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement when I heard there was going to be a raw potluck hosted in my community. This would be my first-ever raw potluck. Since the beginning of my raw journey, I have dreamed about a place where tons of healthy raw options would be flowing. Because let’s face it, unless you are in a big city like LA or New York, there aren’t going to be many raw restaurants around. Potlucks are making a big comeback, probably due to the economy and our growing desire for connections with others. But the idea of a raw potluck is simply amazing!

Here is how it went down…

A friend told me that our favorite local vegan restaurant (G-Zen in Branford, Conn.) had posted on Meetup and Facebook that they were hosting a raw potluck. I immediately signed up and agreed to bring my squash pasta with peanut marinara dressing, and my friend decided to take a raw cheesecake.

Upon arrival, we were directed to place our dishes on a large communal table. As soon as we added our dishes we started walking around checking out all the creations. Every time someone would come in with a new dish, we would oohhh and ahhh. Everything looked so amazing! Things like salad and fruit were present, of course, but also things like raw tacos, dehydrated crackers and dip, stuffed peppers, cranberry slaw, raw spaghetti, green juices, soups, and even a hibiscus tea. The dessert selection was incredible as well. There was raw chocolate, cheesecake, cakes and cookies. I must have eaten three plates of guilt-free food!

If you are interested in healthy eating, hosting or attending a raw potluck is inspiring to say the least. Really! Trying a vegetarian or vegan potluck would be great as well if you are not yet of the raw mindset. Simply post on your social pages letting everyone know what you are planning. Make sure you know what everyone is bringing so you don’t get 25 desserts and then enjoy!

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