Meeting the Guru Who Inspired Me to Go Vegan

My 100 percent raw and vegan journey began on January 1 of this year. But, in fact, my raw vegan journey began much earlier. For years I have dabbled with a “high raw” diet.

Two and a half years ago I somehow stumbled onto the YouTube page of The Life Regenerator! My life was forever changed. Dan McDonald, otherwise known as “The Life Regenerator,” is a free spirit whose goal is to spread the word, around the globe, about the benefits of fruits and vegetables. I began watching his very inspiring and zany videos day and night. After a week of watching, I got out my juicer. Then I went out and bought a boatload of produce. I began juicing and eating lots of raw food via Dan’s recipes. Needless to say, Dan has probably been my biggest inspiration for going raw.

Months ago, Dan set out on an adventure riding his bike across the country, from LA to NY, on fruits and vegetables. He documented his experience with some really great videos. I followed his progress each week. When Dan posted that he was finally in New York and that he would be speaking at The Woodstock Fruit Festival, I knew I had to attend! It was taking place in the Catskill Mountains of New York, about a 3-hour drive away, but nothing was going to stop me from meeting him. I had to meet this person who had had such a profound effect on my life.

I told my husband and kids: road trip! Honestly, I was very nervous. When we arrived, we were told Dan would be speaking in a barn and the topic was “Eating for Enlightenment.” When I saw the barn I thought “Wow, a red barn on a green patch of grass next to a running river!” That really was the perfect setting for a talk about enlightenment with Dan.

When Dan entered the room the sun’s rays penetrated the wooden barn as if to create a halo around his head. This really was a magical moment. The room was filled with a glowing group of people, each more beautiful than the next, all holding a big bowls of fruit. The talk was captivating — to say the least.

The Woodstock Fruit Festival was equally as incredible as Dan. The energy was magnetic, and everyone in attendance was wholeheartedly committed to health in the highest form. There was more fruit than I have ever seen in my whole entire life. Next year I will definitely attend for an entire week.

Later in the day I had the chance to sit down with Dan and discuss my background and my journey. It was totally worth the trip to meet someone I have been watching and following for years. Together Dan and I worked out a program for my raw life going forward. That plan includes lots of water, green drinks — and of course — raw organic fruits and veggies!

It is a whole new world out there when you follow some one on YouTube for years and then meet him in person, like a rock star. I told my husband what a great story this is: Girl finds guru on the Internet; guru inspires girl to go raw and vegan; girl’s life heals and changes; then girl meets guru.

Dan is an amazing spirit and I strongly recommend his videos. He is giving it all away. He has some amazing insight on the world, spirituality and health — and he freely shares it all. Start watching now before Hollywood comes calling!

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