Gratitude Letter to Your Body

If you could write a gratitude letter to your body thanking it for all the things it does for you, what would you say? I can’t begin to tell you how happy this made me. It is so inspiring to be grateful for your own body!

Dear Body,

Thanks so much for a lifetime of walking, seeing, breathing, smelling, tasting, hearing. I am so grateful to have long, strong legs to help me run. Thanks so much for the curls in my hair that remind me from time to time that I am kind of wacky!

Thanks so much for my eyes; they have been instrumental in helping me read to gain all the knowledge I have. Special thanks for my wonderful breasts that are usually bigger than smaller! Thanks so much for my nails that are naturally pink!

Thanks for producing two beautiful children. Thanks so much for my heart that beats every day and has so much capacity for love. Thanks so much for the little scars that remind me I have a past. Thanks for my arms that allow me to hug my children. Thanks for my beautiful healthy lungs that allow me to breathe fresh air even though I used to smoke when I was younger (I know; horrible)!

Thanks so much for those little tingles that really remind me to be grateful. You know what I am talking about. Thanks so much for my taste buds and my teeth. They help keep me nourished.

But most of all, thanks for the ability to transform through diet and exercise. Thanks for your ability to change and heal!

Love, Sandy

Please feel free to tell me what your gratitude letter would say to your body!

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