5 Simple Ways to Find Your Truth

My entire life I have been searching for truth. Over the years, I have found myself in some pretty dramatic situations searching for it. I have danced with shamans, fasted for 12 days, sat on a beach in California with an amethyst crown on my head, had intense conversations with psychics, snuck into a monastery, camped on the side of a mountain in five feet of snow and even hung with radical rock stars deciphering poetry. Each of these experiences added paint to my canvas, but did not bring me to my truth. Now that I am a little older and a little wiser, I think I have finally realized some basic things that really can bring truth and clarity to my life — and probably to yours, too.

  1. Eating Raw (fruits, veggies, nuts & seeds): I went to my first raw restaurant in New York City about five years ago, but it was not until recently that I really experienced what it means to be raw for an extended period of time. It is amazing what happens when you put nothing but pure food energy into your body. Your body works the way it is supposed to! Ultimately, your body and your mind work in sync. Eating raw can be clarifying and even help alleviate pent-up toxic emotions.
  2. Euphoria of Exercise: There is nothing like 45 minutes of intense exercise to bring you to your truth. I recently ran a 5k — I wasn’t the fastest — more like 500th place. But when I finished I was on a natural high that no drug could ever replace! I get similar results with an energy-filled Ashtanga yoga class!
  3. Focus More on What You Love Than What You Don’t Love! : It is so simple yet so profound. It is not so much about making yourself think positive thoughts as it is about simply focusing more on the things, ideas, people and situations you love. It really does make life more authentic. I have Rhonda Byrne to thank for this piece of information!
  4. Acknowledging the Coincidences: When coincidences occur in your life you must take note. This is the universe sending you powerful messages of your truth. Every time something coincidental happens I examine it to the core. Next time a friend phones and maybe you were just thinking of her, take a moment and think about the “why” of it all!
  5. Meditation: Whether you meditate on a regular basis for religious purposes or just sometimes find an extra few minutes to shut out the noise and breathe, you know the power of mediation! It can be as easy as sitting in your car in silence, and focusing on breathing in and out! Watching your thoughts come and go, without judgment, can take you to that higher level of awareness quicker than anything on the planet! Happy Breathing!

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