Jack Johnson: Surfing and Being Green

What is a former California girl and mother of two in Connecticut to do when she misses the ocean and body surfing in Malibu? Watch Jack Johnson videos of course! Part of my winter was spent watching his videos and rocking out with the kids to his songs.

Since leaving California the thing I miss the most is the ocean. In the center of my vision board is a picture of a hut in Hawaii. I dream of spending my days surfing with my husband and my very tan kids. I hear this is how Jack Johnson spends his days. So of course, he would be one of my favorite artists.

I was recently very lucky to have the chance to attend Jack Johnson’s “To The Sea” tour as it kicked off in the U.S. I was escorted by security to the foot of the stage where I stood, with one other photographer, in front of 20,000 screaming fans. As we all waited for Jack to take the stage, eco messages rolled across the stage’s screen. It was definitely the greenest concert ever. I must applaud him on all his eco initiatives. He has really raised the bar on how to be a cool rock star.

“To The Sea” was recorded at his solar-powered studio and was even released in eco-friendly packaging. Just like in 2008, Jack Johnson will donate 100 percent of his tour profits to charity. Tour trucks and coaches will use sustainable biodiesel when possible to reduce CO2 emissions. He also recommends that his fans use mass transportation and the All At Once rideshare program. Additionally, all tour merchandise is made from sustainable materials.

My personal favorite eco initiative is his encouraging fans to bring reusable water bottles to concerts. I watched as fans lined up to fill their bottles at the Brita stations scattered around. Definitely a success! It was also great to see hardly any bottled water for sale.

Oh, and did I mention the music was amazing, too?JJ

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