Fergie and My Night as a Concert Photographer (PHOTOS)

onday – Make plea to the Universe and/or God to please show me some direction in my life. How can I be true to my authentic self? Please send a sign!

Tuesday – Get home to find an email letting me know I will be attending Black Eyed Peas concert with a photo pass. Googled photo pass. Ok, this is big! Yes, I am a Huffington Post writer, but I have not put my photography skills to use in over 10 years. Is this God sending photography back my way or what? Strange how God/Universe works. When you are open and ask for direction, it comes in many different forms.

Thursday – Listening to “I Gotta Feeling” with a huge smile. I am dancing in a cold, dark house all by myself! Just got confirmation I will have a photo pass and possible interview with Fergie in the next few weeks. I must get a new digital camera from B&H overnight. The concert is 2 days away. I also need a quick lesson from a local camera expert because there’s no flash allowed, and I am invited to photograph only the first two songs of each artist! There is no room for error!

Friday – Cool! White digital Pentax SLR arrives in mail. Ok, vision boards really work. My husband is the best, too. Go to local camera store to get brush up on how to shoot with no flash in a performance situation. The guy at the camera store is a huge help in refreshing my photography knowledge! I think he thinks I am a little wacky.

Saturday – Get to the venue. Don’t have plastic thing around my neck for my photo pass; will keep in my purse. Don’t have ear plugs but, hey, I always liked it loud. Other photogs have lenses a mile long. A few of the photogs and I get escorted in to shoot LMFAO. I like LMFAO only because I saw them on The Real World. (My husband calls me a teeny-bopper because I watch Real World at 40-something.) Got some decent shots. After 2 songs, taken out to wait for Ludacris. Call contact number to see if there are any backstage passes floating around. There are not, so I will get to enjoy and be grateful for 6 songs. Taken back in to shoot Ludacris. Got some pretty good shots.

Back out to wait for Black Eyed Peas. I could get used to the rock star life, but am also really missing my kids and hubby. The smoke outside is getting to me. People actually smoke in 2010? Now we meet with stage manager to go over rules. We are practically on the stage; other photogs ask me to move. They are much shorter than me but hey, they have better lenses. I am cordial and move. We only have 2 songs so I shoot and shoot and keep shooting. Not bad! Check ‘em out! Still hoping for Fergie interview! Will keep you posted!fer1 fer2 fer3 fer4 fer5

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